Adding an Electronic Test Request

Note - Although it is possible to access test requesting systems through a browser, outside of Vision, this is not recommended as it leaves the potential for incomplete records within Vision.

To add a test request:

  1. From Consultation Manager , select either:
    • Create Electronic Test Request , or

    • Add - Requests - Electronic Requests.

  2. The Electronic Test Requesting - Select System and Account screen displays:

  • Scotland only - The test request application is launched in a separate screen, this is indicated by the additional icon on the task bar:

  1. Complete the request as follows:

    • Please select the Test Request system and service:

      • Show All – Tick to allow you to select from the full list of providers on your system.
      • Default – Tick to display the providers that you have previously used.
      • Select Service – Defaults to Order Test for new tests and Update Test when editing, select from the list of services available if required.
    • Enter personal Account Details - Enter the details provided by your hospital trust:

      • User Name

      • Password

      • Reenter Password

    • Save Details – Select from:

      • Save these details for my own personal use
      • Allow these details to be used by all practice members

      • Do not save details (prompt me on each access)

  2. Select OK.

  3. From the test request interface, you can select to either:

    • Complete a request only, select to record sample collection at a later date.

    • Complete a request and record sample collection at the same time.

Note - You can request multiple samples within one test request.
  1. Once your request is made, you are returned to the Request SDA. If you have printed labels while making the request, there is no need to select Labels within Vision.
  2. Select OK to complete the request.

The request is recorded to the patient record with the following details:

  • Date of the request
  • Clinician
  • Read term for request - Requests have the Read code 413..00 -Laboratory Test Requested, this can be updated if required.
  • Urgency - Routine or Urgent
  • Other details including test request system, provider, sample description, sample status, date sample was updated are added to the details section of the Requests form.
Note - As test request website pages can be customised, please refer to the suppliers training and user guides for details on how to use the test requesting web pages.