Using the Select Drug Screen

To select an item from the drug dictionary:

  1. From Therapy - Add - Drug, enter the first three or four letters of the drug name required, optionally, followed by the form and then the strength, for example 'amox cap 250' and press <Enter>. The medication you require should be returned, if not either:
    • Use the up and down arrows to move through the medication list,

    • Select Switch to generic drug , or

    • Press <F3>, the Select Drug screen displays

  2. Complete as follows:
    • Name - Enter the first few letters of a drug item and either press <Enter> or select Find. The dictionary or formulary displays from the nearest item
      Note - You can enter a brand name and swap to a generic form later.
    • Form - There is no need to enter a form, it automatically populates from the item you select, however you can select from the available list if required.
    • Strength - There is no need to enter a strength, it automatically populates from the item you select, however you can select from the available list if required.
      Note - If you enter a strength, do not add the units, for example, 250 not 250mg.
  3. A drug list displays unless you see one of the following messages:
    • drugname] not found in formulary. Do you wish to search the main dictionary? Yes/No.

      You are configured to initially select from the Formulary, a drug cannot be found in the formulary from the letters you entered. Select Yes to select from the full dictionary.

    • [drugname] not found. OK.

      The letters you have entered have not found a drug. Select OK and try a different Name.

      Note - If the drug you require is not in the drug dictionary, please contact Vision.
  4. Highlight the item you require. Items may be marked with
    • g indicating a generic form.
    • f indicates a formulary item.
    • d indicates a discontinued item, if you have a tick in Discontinued.
    • s indicates a special preparation item.
    • Note - For branded items, the drug item displays for each manufacturer in brackets. Regardless the manufacturer on the prescription, it is up to the pharmacist which brand is dispensed.
    Select OK to select the item and return to the Therapy - Add screen.

    Right click on an item on the list to check for drug check warnings and view any caution codes:

    • Check Drug – Summarises the drug checks for the current patient therapy and history data and the currently highlighted drug, see Drug Checks for details.
    • Caution Codes - Displays warning messages which can be allocated to drugs and printed on dispensing labels, for example, Take at regular intervals – complete the course unless otherwise directed, see Caution Codes for details.

    Product Information

    The bottom section of the Select Drug screen displays the product information of the highlighted drug. Select a green heading to expand/collapse information:

Note - As you move down the drug list, the information in the bottom section automatically changes.
  • Training Tips:

    • Appliances - You can select an appliance using the appliance number, precede the number with #, for example, #100500.
      See Therapy - Appliances for details.
    • Elastic stockings - Enter Elastic Hosiery and press <Enter> to display most stockings, you can also use the brand name.
    • Insulin - Insulin must be found under the brand name, for example, Human or Humulin.

    • Needles, Lancets - These can be found in Hierarchy under Hypodermic Equipment.
    • Bandages, dressings, shampoos - These can be found in Hierarchy under Wound management and chiropody products.
    • Packs with flavours - It is not always obvious how to choose items which have different flavours. Some flavoured items are separate items in the drug dictionary and can be selected as such.