What's New in Consultation Manager?

DLM 700 (October 2019)

  • View Mail for Patient - From View Mail for Patient there is a new mail category filter, this enables you to select the type of mail you want to see:

  • Test Requesting - ICE, Technidata, tQuest and Cyberlab - If a Home Number is not recorded for a patient, the next recorded contact number is selected in the following order:
    • Mobile number
    • Secondary home number
    • Emergency number

    Where none of the above are recorded, no number is sent.

  • Unit of Measure - A new unit of measure, ug Hb/g replaces ug/Hb/g stool.


Serial Prescribing (previously known as CMS)

The following changes have been made to the Serial Prescribing functionality as part of this release:

  • ¬≠Deleting a Serial Prescribing dispensing event - You can now delete a dispensing event. Right click on the event, select Delete and confirm. The selected event is removed, the Last Issue Date and the Dispensing Event Count are updated.

  • ¬≠Editing the date of a Serial Prescribing dispensing event - If you have received the incorrect date for a dispensing event, you can now update it. Right click on the event, select Edit and update the date as required. Where appropriate the Last Issue Date is updated.

  • Printing:
    • ¬≠Repeat Re-order form - Serial Prescribing items are now listed separately on the re-order form under a CMS Items heading.

    • Preferred and Serial Prescribing Pharmacy names - Both the preferred pharmacy and the Serial Prescribing Pharmacy, as selected in Consultation Manager - Patient Details - Preferences, now print on the top of the right hand side re-order form.
  • Unique Prescription Number (UPN) - The UPN of a dispensing event now displays in a separate Message Reference column in Mail Manager.

    To search on the UPN, from Mail Manager, select Filter - Message Reference and enter all or part of the UPN required:

  • Warning Message - If you attempt to create or print a Serial Prescribing item for a patient that has not registered for Serial Prescribing, the warning message has been updated to eliminate ambiguity:

See Vision Release DLM 700 for full details.