Adding a New Self-assigned Task

A Self-assigned Task is a way of sending a message to yourself, eg a reminder to do something. Self-assigned tasks are not visible to other Daybook users.

To add a self-assigned task:

  1. From Daybook, select Task for Me (Ctrl +F2).
  2. The Issuing New Task screen displays:

  3. Complete as required:
    • Based upon template - Select a template if appropriate.
    • Description – Select to enter a description for the task.
    • Issued by - Defaults to Me, use the down arrow to select from staff groups you are a member of if appropriate.
    • Attached to Patient – Select to attach the task to a patient.
    • On completion, add to medical history - Tick if appropriate and select the Read code required.
    • Notify me, when task is complete - Tick if appropriate.
    • Due – Select to add a date and a time for this task to be completed by.
    • Priority - Select if appropriate.
    • No priority escalation or Escalate priority if not completed by - Select to automatically raise the priority of a task should it not be completed by the date specified.
    • To - Your details are already completed in this section, you can add further recipients if required.
    • Comments - Type any details relating to the task if required. If a specific patient has been selected you can use the <Insert> key to obtain a list of Read terms recorded in the patient’s record. Select the term required and then select OK.
  4. Select OK to finish.

The Task is now displayed in your To-Do list.