Outgoing Folder

The Outgoing folder contains all outgoing messages, regardless of their state, that have been sent but not yet archived. The messages are held in a History folder, which is divided into:

  • Today - Containing messages from the last 24 hours, and not just today's date.
  • Last Week - Containing messages from between 24 hours and 8 days ago.
  • All - Containing all outgoing messages.

Outgoing should not contain many mail items for any period of time. All processing of mail in the Outgoing folder is automatic, but Outgoing should be checked daily to make sure messages are moving on.

When Vision 3 posts messages into the Outgoing folder they are processed almost immediately. The messages then remain there until they are sent to the network. Files are held in the Outgoing folder until all processing of the message has been completed, the messages are then archived as per the archive period set from Tools - Options - Archiving, with a minimum of 16 days, see Archiving Tab for details.

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