Clinical Schedule

The Clinical Schedule section displays the scheduled times and days that the Clinical Interface is due to be run. These scheduled times are set up in GP Communicator - Tools - Options, see Scheduler Tab for details:

You can also perform the following from this section:

  • Run Now - Select to run a transmission now, connecting to Vision 3 and picking up from the clinical interface.
  • View Log - Select to view a report of the last clinical interface run.

If the last clinical interface ran without problems, the message There were no errors displays.

Note - This may not mean that all messages have been processed, you should still check the Attention folder in GP Communicator to see if any messages need intervention.

If there are any errors encountered during the process, the error text displays in a red window, for example, 1 Error(s) encountered - See Log file, select Run Now, to run the processes again. If the window remains red contact the Helpdesk on the usual number.

Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.