Task Status

The Task Status pane is used for monitoring the following scheduled tasks:

All Countries

  • Tasks (see Configuring Task Scheduler).
  • Clinical Audit Generate (including Daily Generation, Monthly generation, Regular QOF Report (QMAS) and GPES extractions).


  • BOSS (Scotland).
  • SCCRS (Scotland).
  • SCI Diabetic Care (Scotland).
  • Mas eCare Download (Scotland).
  • MDT Report (Scotland).

Scotland and Northern Ireland

  • Emergency Care Summary (ECS) (Scotland and Northern Ireland).

The status of the extracts can be viewed from Task Status which should be checked for errors on a daily basis. Check the date and that the transmissions are successful and report any errors by email to the Cegedim Healthcare Solutions Helpdesk at helpline@visionhealth.co.uk.

A failed extract displays with a red tab:

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