Attachment Forward

Attachment Forward is a workflow management system. It enables incoming Mail Manager messages containing attachments to be forwarded to Docman for processing and actioning appropriately.

Note – Messages that contain clinical data e.g. Results and Investigations cannot be work flowed using the Attachment Forward process.

The following message types can be forwarded to Docman:

  • Medical Interoperability Gateway (MiG) Discharge Summary - MiG messages consist of discharge summaries with attachments which can be forwarded to Docman using the Attachment Forward option, see Medical Interoperability Gateway (MiG) Messages for details.
  • Gateway Advice Responses - If a GP requests advice from a Consultant the response is viewed in Gateway, this information is saved as an attachment in the patient's record using the import function. You can redirect the message to Mail Manager where it can be processed or forwarded to Docman.
  • Gateway Discharge Notifications - Discharge notifications held in Gateway can be saved to the patient's record using the import function which saves the discharge summary as an attachment. You can redirect the summary into Mail Manager where it can be dealt with or forwarded to Docman.
Note - Gateway messages are utilised by practices that integrate with SCI - Scottish Care Information, WCCG - Welsh Clinical Communications Gateway and Northern Ireland CCG - Northern Ireland Clinical Communications Gateway. Although the messages are available, please check with your HB or CCG to see if they are being used in your area and whether they should be redirected into Mail Manager.