Local IDs

When a pathology test is ordered by a nurse, locum or any member of staff who does not have their own GMP code, a local identifier, for example, NURSE01, LOCUM01 is allocated by the laboratory.

When a result is received, it is directed to the local identifier allocated by the laboratory. The link between the local identifier and the actual member of staff is created and maintained in Local IDs.

Laboratories often reuse local identifiers, so you may have to update existing Local IDs.

Note - A Local Identifier can only relate to one staff member at a time.

It is recommended if possible you agree each local identifier with the path lab beforehand.

Scotland only

The GMC code is used to match the message to a GP for Scottish pathology.

There is a Requester Details section on the Results tab, Mail Manager attempts to match one of the (Requester) Identifier codes with a Vision GP's GMC code, if this fails, it attempts to match the (Requester) Name with a Vision Local Id.

If no matches are found, the patient's Usual GP is used.