File menu

The following options are available from the File menu:

  • Archive - Select to remove completed messages, see Archiving in Mail Manager.
  • Ticked - For messages that have been ticked , either manually or using Tick , you can carry out the following functions:
    • Actions
    • Allocate to Staff
    • Assign to Patient
    • File All
    • File Abnormal
    • Consider Filing Complete
    • Mark as Read
    • Reprocess
    • Recover from Archive
    • Print

  • Find Patient - Select to list all the messages for the patient on the individual patient tab, see Individual Patients tab and Search for a patient.
  • View Message Window Select to hide the folder list so the message list is full page width, select again to redisplay the folder list.
  • Maintenance - Select to access the Import menu.
  • Exit - Select to close Mail Manager.