Medical Interoperability Gateway (MiG) Messages

The Medical Interoperability Gateway (MiG) is a secure gateway to a set of services for exchanging data between third party systems, EMIS and Vision practices. The MiG meets the NHS Interoperability Toolkit (ITK) and HL7 interoperability standards.

Secure data exchange via the MiG can keep both GPs and clinicians in any healthcare setting up to date, making care decisions as informed as possible. The MiG can be used to:

  • View patient detailed care records – Different healthcare teams involved in the care of a patient can share vital clinical data for improved health outcomes as well as save time by not duplicating patient demographic data.
  • Exchange electronic discharge summaries and clinical documents – For example outpatient documents and discharge summaries sent to the patient’s GP practice for immediate after care.
  • Chronic disease record views – Front line staff can share patient data for easier and more informed management of patient’s complex long term conditions.
  • Medication record views – Access to a patient’s current medication information in an unscheduled care setting can help increase patient safety as well as improving diagnoses.
  • Exchange of Child Health information – Sharing of key child health information such as immunisations which can be electronically sent into a Child Health system, thus eliminating duplication of data entry.
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