Adding an Action to a Message

To add an Action to a message:

  1. From Mail Manager , select the message required, if more than one message needs the same Action, tick all the messages required.
  2. Now, either:
    • Right click on the message and select Actions. The Frequent Action list is offered as a quick list, select the action required or select Add Action to select from the full list available, or
    •  Select Actions to select from the full list available.
  3.  The Add Action screen displays with the patient details at the top:

  1.  Complete as required, some parts of this form may be automatically completed by the initial Action set up, but can be updated if appropriate:
  • Due Date (optional) - Enter the date you want this Action completed by.
  • Action - Select the Action you require.
  • Text - The Action requested displays. This can be updated and any additional free text comments you require added.
  • Action by - Select either the member of staff or the group of staff you want to action this request and displays in their mailbox in Mail Manager.
  • Status - Select from the available list.
  • Patient specific - Tick to indicate that should this action need to be changed, entries elsewhere in Vision may need to be addressed, for example an appointment made, may need updating, bringing forwards or cancelled.
  • Mark original as read - Tick to mark the original message as Read once OK is selected.
  • Confidential - Tick to mark an Action request as confidential. If an action request is marked as confidential, the right-hand side of the message details, i.e. the Request and Observations folders are hidden from view. Confidential Action requests cannot be filed.
  • Complete - Tick to mark the action as complete, this is ticked automatically if a Status is selected with a Completed flag
  1. Select OK to save and set the Action.
  2. If you have ticked several messages, the Action added to ticked messages. message displays:
  • Note - An update to an Action acts as a deletion of the previous Action and a new Action is created, this does not apply if deleting or updating a copied Action item where that Action is directed at the current user.
    See Maintaining Actions for details on adding, updating or inactivating an Action type.