Marking Messages as Read

Unread messages display in bold and lose their bold formatting once marked as read. A tick in the box under the Read column also indicates a message has been read.

There are several ways to mark an incoming message or messages as having been read, either:

A message cannot be marked as Read unless:

  • The whole message has been viewed. If a message has more than one tab then, you must view each tab.
  • In the case of a pathology result, it has been assigned to a patient.
  • It has a Read status of unread.

If you have marked a message as Read in error, right click on the message and select Mark as Unread

Once a message has been read and any actions completed, the message is no longer Active (see "Toolbar icons" for a definition of "active"). To view it, you need to ensure you have All on the toolbar, and not Active .