Message and Right Mouse Menu

The Message menu and right mouse options are the same, they are a quick context-sensitive set of menu options.

From the Staff or Patients tabs, you can either:

  • Point to a message and right click, or
  • Tick the messages you want to select and then either right click or select the Message menu for the following options:

From the Message menu, you can:

  • Allocate Actions to a message - Select Actions to choose an action for the message, see Actions for details.
  • Add Alerts to a message - See Alerts for details.
  • Allocate or re-allocate this message(s) to a member of staff - See Allocating a Message for details.
  • Assign or re-assign this message to a patient - See Assigning a Patient for details.
  • Forward a message to Docman for processing - See Attachment Forward for details.
  • File a message - See Filing for details.
  • Update the Read status - See Marking Messages as Read for details.
  • Mark as Complete - See Marking an Action as Complete for details.
  • Message - See Message for details.
  • View Messages for Patient - Lists all the messages for that patient, see Individual Patients tab and Search for a patient for details.
  • View original - Displays the original message of a copy.
  • Patient Details - Displays the demographic details for the assigned patient.
  • View recent and future appointments - Displays recent and future booked appointments for the assigned patient, see View Future Appointments for details.
  • Print - Select to print the selected message, see Printing Mail for details.
  • Archiving - select from:
    • Archive - Remove message permanently from Mail Manager, see Archiving Individual Messagesfor details.

    • Recover from Archive - Select to retrieve a message from the archive file.
  • Consultation Manager - Opens the selected patient record in Consultation Manager .