Overview of Processing Messages

Viewing and Actioning Test Results (1.16)

Messages must be completed before they can be archived.

To be completed, a message must be:

  1. Assigned to a patient, if required see Assigning a Patient.
  2. Allocated to a member of staff, if required see Allocating a Message.
  3. Marked as Read, if required see Marking Messages as Read.
  4. Filed to a patient record where appropriate or marked as filed, if required see Filing
  5. Allocated an Action, if required, see Adding an Action to a Message or, if no action is required, mark the message as complete using Mark as Complete

You have the option to either:

  • Double click on a message, to be guided through all the outstanding steps required, or
  • If you only want to perform one of these functions, right click and select from the offered menu.