Outgoing Message List View

Outgoing messages in Mail Manager are primarily for reference.

You can view outgoing messages by selecting the Outgoing folder in the folder list and then:

  • Checkbox - This is currently unused.
  • Status - The current status of the message:
    • Unprocessed - The message has not yet been processed, it is not possible to view the message at this stage.
    •  Processing - The message is currently being processed, it is not possible to view the message at this stage.
    •  Available for transmission - The message has been processed and is waiting to be sent.
    •  Sent - The message has been sent.
    • Processing Error - Indicates that something has gone wrong with the message, the audit trail indicates the actual error. Some of these errors may be recoverable, right click and select Reprocess
Note - If you have multiple messages in need of reprocessing, select the messages and then select File – Ticked – Reprocess.
    • Held Message - Indicates the message will not proceed to the next stage without some manual intervention. Some messages may automatically go into a hold state after processing. These require confirmation that the messages can be transmitted. To allow the message to be transmitted, right click and select Unhold message.
Note - In most cases the processing of a message is so fast that you only see once it has a Status of Available for transmission or Sent.
  • Sent - The date and time on which the message was compiled.
  • Staff - The staff member, or functional module, responsible for production of the message.
  • Patient - The patient subject of the message.
  • Type - The message type.
  • To - The intended recipient of the message.

Messages that are currently Available for transmission may be manually held, simply right click on the message and select Hold.