Adding and Maintaining Patient Addresses

Once the initial Patient Details are added for a new or re-registering patient, a main address must be added. The Main Address Details display in red until an address is entered.

Note - If you are adding a new patient using an existing or selected patient's details, the new patient's main address defaults to the main address and home contact number(s) of the existing patient.

To add or update a main address:

Note - For a Temporary Patient the Main Address is the patient's address in your area, see Adding a Temporary Resident for full details.
  1. From Registration, with the patient selected, the Main Address displays on the Personal tab. Select Add.

  2. The Address entry - Add screen displays:

  1. Complete/update as follows:

    • House Name - Enter the house name, or the number if a block of flats.

    • Number and Road - Enter the house number and road, you may find the road is available from the drop down list.

    • Locality - Complete if the patient lives in a named area within a larger town, for example Clapham.

    • Town - Enter the name of the town.

    • County - Enter the county if required.

    • Post Code - Enter a full postcode.

    • Type of Address - Defaults to Main Address, update if required

    • Out of Area - Tick if this patient lives outside of your catchment area but you are happy to accept them to your list.

  2. Select OK to save.

  3. Select Add Contact Number and add contact details as required, see Adding and Maintaining Contact Numbers for details.

  4. Optionally, you can enter an Address Valid Period, if this address is for a defined period only, enter a From and Until date.

  5. Select OK to save.

Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.