Adding a New Patient

This is step by step guide to adding a new patient to Vision 3:

  1. From the Vision 3 front screen, select Registration.
  2. It is vital you check the patient is not already on your system, check this with a date of birth search, see Checking the Register, providing they are not already on the system you should continue. If they have previously been registered, they must be re-registered properly to avoid duplications, see Re-Registration for details.
  3. Once you are sure, the new patient has not been registered with your practice before, select New Patient .
  4. The 'Add Member to an existing Family' message displays, select:
    • Existing- If the new patient is being added to an existing household, select any member of the household with the same address, see Registration - Family Details for details.
    • Selected - If a member of the family you are adding this patient to displays at the top of the screen. Most common when adding a family group.
    • New - If the patient you are adding has no connection to anyone on your Vision 3 system.
    • Cancel - Select to abort this operation.

  5. The Registration - Personal Details screen displays. Complete as appropriate, items highlighted in red are mandatory, see Registration - Personal Details (initial) for details.

  1. Select OK and the New Patient Registration message displays:

  2. Select Yes to confirm you are sure you want to create this record.
  3. The Registration Card Type screen displays, select the appropriate option and select OK.

  1. Depending on the option selected different screens display, complete as required remembering mandatory information displays in red.
  2. The Registration Details screen displays. Most of the sections complete automatically, but you can add any add any further information as required, for example, Title, Marital Status.
Training Tip - To return to the initial Registration - Personal Details screen, select Action - Acceptance where you can change any previous entries.
  1. From Registration Details – Personal tab, add the patient's Main Address:
    Note - The address may already be completed by default if you are adding the patient to an Existing or Selected family.

    If the address is correct, select Addunder Main Address and the Add Contact Numbers screen displays. If not, or to add telephone numbers, select Add under Main Address (see Adding a Main Address).

  2. The next tab is Registration - Registration Details screen. Select a Usual GP if this differs from the registered GP. For children under 5, register CHS.
  3. From here, optionally go to Registration - Notes if you want to add free text comments of an administrative nature, contact notes or confidential notes.
  4. From here, optionally go to the Registration - Other Details for details of rural mileage, residential institutes, household rank, medical insurance, dispensing, prescription charge exemptions, notes kept at.
  5. The Registration - Identifiers lets you add any hospital numbers or other reference numbers associated with the patient.
  6. The Registration - Family Details shows details of any other members of the same household. No action is needed here during the process of adding a patient.
  7. Finally, click on OK (see OK to save when adding new patient) to save the entries made to date and to exit, but be warned, you may have made an incomplete registration , shown by a cross in the Incomplete Details or Incomplete RegLinks box at the top of the Registration Details screen. A warning screen also displays (see Incomplete Details and Incomplete RegLinks).No main address is one reason for Incomplete Details. There are other entries needed to complete a registration.

  8. You need to confirm you want to go ahead at the message Patient contains incomplete details – Continue?

  9. Then, if you are running Registration Links, the New Registration Fee Claim screen displays.
  10. After this, if the new patient is accepted, then the patient's Registration screen will be "frozen" (if you are Registration Links) and you will not be able to edit their screen (see (see Frozen screen, and Editing in general).
See General Advice for Adding Patients for additional details.