Incomplete Details and Incomplete RegLinks

Incomplete Details (1.33)

Before finally saving a newly added patient's details, see OK to save when adding new patient, you are reminded if you have not fully entered the details necessary to make this registration complete. There are two types of Incomplete Registration Warning messages:

  • Incomplete Details
  • Incomplete Registration Links

If there is a tick in either of these boxes it means you have not entered all the details necessary to make this registration complete and you will get a warning message:

Note - If there is a tick in both Incomplete Details and Incomplete RegLinks, the Incomplete Registration Links warning appears, as this is more important and means that the new registration is not sent to your TP for acceptance and payment.

Incomplete Details

If Incomplete Details is ticked, it indicates that registration data is missing and the Registration is not yet complete. This is usually the NHS number, or the Main Address. The following warning message displays:

You can check back through the screens but if the only missing information is the NHS Number and/or Main Address, as this information is not mandatory, you can simply select OK and save the details.

Note - The NHS number is not mandatory for adults, but should be completed if possible. If the NHS number is not known, the TP should be able to complete it when the patient is accepted. For children under five, entry of the NHS No is mandatory and leads to Incomplete RegLinks and Incomplete Details, even if all other fields are correct.

Incomplete RegLinks

For Registration Links practices, there is an additional Incomplete RegLinks box. This is ticked if mandatory details pertinent to Registration Links details are missing. This includes data items which are not displayed on the patient's Registration screen, but are entered as part of registering a patient, for example, previous address, place of birth, previous GP. The following warning message displays:

Important - If a patient is not sent via Registration/Partners Links, the patient is not registered with your practice.

To resolve this problem:

  1. Select Action - Acceptance.

  2. The Registration screens re-display, check each screen, mandatory entries display in red, complete as appropriate

  3. Once you get through to the main Registration screen the tick should no longer display in Incomplete RegLinks.

    See New Patient Check List for details.

Incomplete Patient Records Report

You can produce a list of patients with incomplete details from Registration, select Report - Incomplete Patient Records. You should be checking these reports regularly and wherever possible, completing the missing information. We recommend you run the Incomplete Registration Links part of the report in the last week before the new quarter to ensure all registrations are made in time.

Removing the Incomplete tick manually

Where data is received via incoming Reg Links or PDS information, the Incomplete flag can be manually removed. This also removes the Incomplete alert in (Undefined variable: General.CM).

Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.