Re-Registering a Patient (1.46)

If a patient has been registered to your practice in the past and they currently have a registration status of Transferred out you can re-register the patient. They may have:

  • Previously transferred out and now want to return to your practice permanently, or as a temporary resident,
  • Been a short stay temporary resident, but they now want to change to a long stay, see Editing a Temporary Resident's Length of Stay for further details
  • Had another registration status, for example an expired temporary resident.

To re-Register a patient:

  1. From the Vision 3 front screen, select Registration .
  2. Select the patient required, remember to remove the tick from Active Patients Only on the Patient Select screen so all patients list.
    Note - If the patient is not found on the patient list, then you can add them as usual without re-registering.
  3. The message 'This patient is no longer active – do you wish to continue?' may display, select Yes to continue.
  4. With the patient's details on the screen, select Action - Re-registration:

  1. The Registration - Personal Details screen displays, check the details and update where necessary:
    • Registration status - Defaults to Applied, update to Temporary if appropriate.
    •  Date Applied/Date Accepted - For patients re-registering, the applied date defaults to today and displays in red, previous applied dates can be viewed from the Audit Trail.
    Training Tip - Use the <Tab> key to move through the form, do not press <Enter> until you reach the bottom of the form.
  2. Complete all the remaining screens as required in the usual way.
    See Adding a New Patient for details.
  3. Once all the details are correct, select OK.