Registration - Personal Details (initial)

Important - Check the patient has not been registered with your practice previously, see Checking the Register.

England and Wales


Northern Ireland

To complete the Registration - Personal Details (initial) screen:

Training Tip - You might find it quicker to move through the form using the <Tab> key instead of your mouse.
  1. Enter the following information:
      • Surname - Enter the patient's surname
      • Forename 1 - Enter the patient' first name
      • Forename 2 - Enter any given middle name
      • Other Forenames - Enter any other names
      • Date of Birth - Enter the patient's date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY format.

      • Sex - Select from the available list.

      • Registration status - Defaults to Applied, update from the list if required.

        See Registration Status for details.
      • TP - Select your trading partner, which is the Health Authority/HealthBoard for this patient.

        See TP, HB or CSA for details.
      • Applied Date - Defaults to today's date, update if required.

        See Applied date for details.
      • Registered GP - Select the GP you are registering this patient to.

        See Registered GP for details.
      • NHS No - England and Wales Only, enter the patient's National Health Service (NHS) number if available, it is validated and shown in the correct format 123 456 7890. If it is not known, the place of birth must be entered later in the registration process.
      • H+C Number - Northern Ireland Only, enter the Health & Care number without spaces, it is validated and shown in the correct format 123 456 789.
      • CHI Number - Scotland and Northern Ireland Only, enter the patients Community Health Index (CHI) number if available. To enter, click in the right-hand section of CHI number and enter the last four digits of the CHI number. Select Enter and the date of birth is automatically entered in the left-hand section to complete the number.
        See NHS, CHI and H&C Numbers for details.
Note - Mandatory sections display in red and optional sections display in blue. Optional details should be entered if known, they do not prevent you from registering the patient but you may have an incomplete registration which has some implications, see Incomplete Records for details. A down arrow indicates a pick list.
  1. Select OK.
  2. The New Patient Registration warning screen displays, select either:
    • Yes, to create a patient record that cannot be deleted, or
    • No, to remove all trace of this patient from your system.

Training Tip - To redisplay the Registration - Personal Details (intial) screen, select Action - Acceptance or Action Re-registration. You can also return to it once at the Medical Card selection type screen, by selecting Previous.
See Adding a New Patient for further details.
Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.