Editing Registration Details

Editing Patient Details (0.47)

In Registration, when you select a patient their Registration - Personal Details screen displays.

If you close the Registration - Personal Details screen, until another patient selected you can simply select Edit Patient to access their details for updating.

Note - The name of the currently selected patient always displays at the top of the screen.
Important - For Registration Links practices, if the patient has a Registration Status of Applied and an Approval Transaction has yet to be received from the TP, the patient's details are frozen and cannot be amended.

From the Registration - Personal Details screen, select the tab and the section to update as required:

When your amendments have finished click on OK.

For Registration Links practices, when making an amendment in most fields for an active patient (ie not a temporary or emergency patient), an Amendment Transaction will be generated which will be transmitted to the HA informing them of the change (see Amendment Transaction).

Below is a list of the fields that generate Amendment transactions. Note that amending some fields, such as changing a patient's GP or address may also have other implications, for example, a change of address out of the practice area may result in a Deduction Transaction being sent by the TP, and removal of the patient from the list.

GP Code*, GP Ref**, Surname, Forename(s), Previous Surname, Birth Surname**, CHI Number**, NHS Number, Title*, Sex, Date of birth, Address (5 fields), Postcode, Drugs Dispensed Marker, Rural Mileage (Blocked/Special/Walking in England/Wales; Road, Footpath and Water Miles in Scotland), Residential Institution Code*, Institution Code **

* in England and Wales only; ** in Scotland only

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