Ids Tab

You can add any reference numbers associated with a patient in the Ids screen, for example, a hospital number, for use in a referral letter or a credit card number for private patients.

Note - Most identifiers link to an organisation such as a hospital, which must first be set up in Control Panel - File Maintenance - Organisation.

To add an Identifier:

  1. Select Add.
  2. The Add - Identifier screen displays:

  3. Complete as appropriate:
    • Identifier Type - Select the type of identifier you are recording.
    • Organisation - Select the relevant organisation, this must already exist in Vision 3.
    • Identifier Value - Enter the actual reference number or code, for example, the hospital number. For a credit card number, any alpha characters entered must be in uppercase. For switch cards, also enter the Issue number alongside the credit card number.
    • Valid dates - Optionally, enter a range of dates that the reference is valid. For credit cards, entering a Valid From date is optional and can either be left blank or entered. The date format should be dd/mm/yy and not mm/yy. The expiry date of a credit card MUST be entered in Valid Until. Here the date should be dd/mm/yy for example, 31/05/23.

    • Inactive - You cannot delete an identifier, but you can make it inactive.

  4. Select OK to save.

Note - Credit card numbers are shown as asterisks on the front screen. Only by highlighting the credit card line and selecting Edit can you see the actual numbers.

If this is a new patient, select Next to continue, or select OK to save and close.

Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.