What's New in Registration?

Vision Release DLM 820

Vision 3 release DLM 820 contains the following new features and improvements for Registration:

  • Test patient Record - You can now mark a patient as a Test Patient within Registration. This enables you to create a patient that you can easily excluded from your statistics and reports allowing you to use them for practice and testing purposes. Patients with a Test Patient status are not included in Clinical Audits.

  • Personal Tab - The following new features and improvements are now available from the Personal tab in patient's Registration record:

    • Title - A patient title is now optional, update if required.

    • Gender and Gender Information - To assist in capturing gender preference:

      • Gender - Defaults to None, optionally can be updated to Female, Male or Other.

      • Gender Information - Defaults to blank, enter free text if appropriate to capture gender preference.

    • Mother's Birth Surname - You can optionally enter the patient's mothers maiden name here.

  • Registration tab - Usual GP is no longer populated by default when a patient is registered, it is now an optional setting.

  • Communication - A new Preferred Contact option is available, tick to indicate an entry is the patient's preferred method, the preferred contact is indicated by an asterisk:

    This information displays in:

    • Registration

    • Consultation Manager

    • Appointments

    • Mail Manager

    • Daybook

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