Electronic Prescription Service Release 2 (EPS2)

Vision 3 Electronic Prescription Service – Release 2 (EPS R2) is an NHS Digital programme and is a planned major release that builds on the core functionality of EPS 1 software that is already in use in Vision 3. EPS R2 allows prescribers to generate and transmit electronic prescriptions to a dispenser, such as a pharmacy of a patient’s choice, using Vision 3.

The roll out of EPS R2 is divided into the following available phases:

  • EPS 2 - Phase 3 (Deployed Disabled) – is the default initial setting which behaves as per EPS Release 1 with changes to Prescription Manager and the addition of Dispensing Contractor Nomination. See EPS Release 2 - Phase 3 (Deployed Disabled) - Previously EPS 1
  • Phase 3 – By default, prescription is electronic with token. The message is legal entity. Your CCG will work closely with your practice to assist you with the transition to EPS R2 Phase 3. You cannot be enabled for this functionality until you have been instructed by your CCG, who need ministerial approval, to go ahead. See EPS Release 2 – Phase 3.
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