Creating a New Recall Letter Template

To create a new Recall Letter template:

  1. From the Merge Templates toolbar, select Letter .

  2. New Letter Template displays, in Name enter a descriptive title for the new template.
    Training Tip - For QOF/QAIF Templates you may want to include the word QOF/QAIF in the name so you can easily distinguish between QOF/QAIF and non-QOF templates.
  3. Tick against each item of information from the patients records that you would like to merge into the letter, or untick any items you do not require:

    Note - For Practices in Scotland the NHS number merge field is replaced with CHI Number and for practices in Northern Ireland H+C Number is shown.
  4. If applicable, select the Clinical Data to be included in the mail merge. When clinical data is selected, the merge fields available in the extract are made available to Word. This is an extremely useful way of getting patient data into letter form.
  5. Select OK and Microsoft Word opens up in a new window with a basic template layout.
  6. Use Microsoft Word to make any changes to the template layout that you require.

    Any mail merge fields display with a << >> around them, you can move them around or copy them to other areas of the document as required. Alternatively, you can insert additional merge fields from within Word by selecting Mailings - Insert Merge Field:

    You can use all of the familiar word processing features in Microsoft Word to make the layout of the letter more attractive.

    Important - We highly recommend you add a disclaimer to any reports or letters you produce from your Vision system, for example, ‘This document may contain sensitive or confidential data, please treat accordingly’.
  7. Once you have finished, from Microsoft Word, select Save .
  8. Close Microsoft Word.

You should now see the new Letter Template displayed in the list on the Letter Templates screen.

Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.