Sending an SMS to an individual patient

Within Vision+ you can send a free-text SMS message to an individual patient.

To send an SMS text message:

  1. Open Consultation Manager and select your patient.
  2. Either:
    • Select SMS Message from the Vision+ drop-down on the floating toolbar:

    • From the Windows Notification Area, right click Vision+ Vision+ Icon in Notification Area and select SMS Message:

  3. Type your message in the SMS message template screen.

  4. If the patient has a blank, invalid or has declined SMS messages you see the following prompt:

  5. If successful the patient sees the following message:

  6. An appropriate Clinical Term records in the patient's record when a text message is sent via this method:

  7. The message content is recorded in the comments:

View the following video to see how to send a free-text SMS Message to a patient:


Sending a Free-text SMS Message (0:40)

Important - For practices with a hosted server, for example AEROS, you must watch the videos on your local desktop. To do this copy and paste the url for this web page into your local browser. Local health board restrictions may also affect access.
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