Vision+ is a fully integrated patient care plan management reporting tool. From 2019, Vision+ is fully SNOMED CT compliant in England.

Note - Data recorded in Vision 3 has not changed.

In summary, Vision+ delivers the following functionality which incorporates viewing and recording SNOMED CT terms:

  • Colour coded timely alerts that capture the patient's QOF/QAIF requirements immediately.
  • Easy to use data entry templates that enable the recording of key SNOMED CT terms quickly and efficiently.
  • QOF Templates to help record information in a structured format.
  • Calculators and Questionnaires that help manage patient care.

Historical Read codes automatically assign to SNOMED CT terms, ensuring Vision+ reports capture this data. The different options available from Vision+ Practice Reports are as follows:

  • Run patient target lists and set up a recall programme.

  • Monitor QOF/QAIF and enhanced service contract points and targets.

  • Import groups from Searches and Reports.

  • Schedule reports to run at a designated time.

  • Manage a comprehensive SMS text messaging service.

  • Bulk add predicted calculator scores.

Vision+ Template Designer enables you to:

  • Create and customise data entry template screens to incorporate SNOMED CT terms.

  • Distribute templates.

Training Tip - For more information on SNOMED CT, see our SNOMED CT section of The Learning Zone. For NHS Digital advice on SNOMED CT, click here.
Note - For practices in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales you continue to record data using Read or Vision Local terms but in the background the data is automatically mapped to a SNOMED CT term. Also, all historical coded data is assigned to SNOMED CT terms.
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