What's New?

SIS 10550 Vision Release Guide


  • The latest SNOMED CT 30.0 dictionary is implemented in SIS 10550.

Vision+ Practice Reports - England Only

  • Influenza QOF Lists England - New Influenza category for England only that groups all influenza indicators into one list. Previously practices would invite patients for a flu vaccination using the influenza indicator within each category. With the new influenza category practices can view and invite all qualifying patients under one category. See Practice Reports.
  • Vision+ Practice Reports updated in line with QOF45 Business Rules.
  • COPD - New indicator for COPD (COPD009MI1) counts the number of patients with a clinical diagnosis of COPD before 1st April 2020. This is for management purposes only.


INR Results / Warfarin Dosing Calculations

  • Due to a SNOMED code mapping issue in Vision 3, previous INR results were not previously stored correctly and therefore may have been lost, causing an incorrect Warfarin dosing calculation in Vision+. This has now been fixed in SIS 10550 and Vision+ will pick up all historical INR results correctly.

SMS Recalls

  • Previously when an SMS message is sent to a patient the Read term 9N3G. SMS Text Message Sent to Patient was added to the patient notes however the mail merge screen did not to state that an SMS had been sent. SIS 10550 fixes this issue.

Outcomes Manager

  • Rule Designer - Rule Designer within Outcomes Manager (the tool used by Vision authors to create templates), now allows alternative views for Historical Data, Codeset Descriptions, Side Effects and Repeat Usage Control.

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