Current Appointments View

You can navigate to the Current appointments view from the Session or Dashboard view.

The Current appointments view shows all booked and outstanding appointments within the next hour, along with DNAs today.  

An appointment will show in this view if the status is:

  • Booked
  • Arrived
  • Waiting
  • In Consultation
  • Overdue
  • DNA

The view is designed for quickly checking patients in.

  • Scroll up and down the Current appointments as required.
  • Select Now to focus on the current time.
  • Click the patient's appointment status to increment, for example check in a patient.
  • Apply a filter.
    See - Apply or Edit Filters.
  • Free slot search returns a selection of available appointments.
    See - Free Slot Search - Overview.
  • The Exit button closes the view and returns you to your previous screen.

Appointments Details

  • Click on a patient’s name to access the Patient view.
    See - Patient View - Overview.
  • Click onto the appointment status to update, for example check in.
    The time of the status displays.
  • A booked appointment also displays:
      Patient Warning
      Patient Notes
      Appointment Comments
  • Right click on a booked appointment to change slot type / change status / move / copy / cancel.
  • Any special bookings are indicated by a blue line.