Session View


The Session view is the default screen that displays when the Appointments app opens.

This view displays the clinician and clinic sessions side by side, to show all appointments at a glance.

    • AM or PM view
    • Seven day date selector
    • Calendar
    • Filter
      See - Apply or Edit Filters.
    • View Menu - easily navigate to other views
    • Command Menu - add sessions or refresh the view
    • Free slot search
      See - Free Slot Search - Overview.
    • Scroll down or across to access more appointments
    • Status Time - hover over the Arrived, In Consultation and Seen symbol to display the time of the status
    • Today - to return back to today's appointments, this displays when you have navigated away from today
    • Appointment status - select to check patient in or increment status
    • Events - display under the Clinician's name

Session View Overview

From the Session view you can also navigate to the other views and access the clipboard:

The individual columns can be collapsed to show a slot count summary.

Default filters can also be applied per user to the Session view.