Preferences - General

You can set practice wide settings from the General screen.

To set the general preferences:

  1. From Appointments, select the arrow next to your name and select Preferences:

  1. The Appointments Preferences list displays with the General screen open:

  1. Complete as required:
    • Timescale for slot retrieval - Complete:
      • From - Defaults to 7 days ago. Select how many days in the past the back arrow on Reception view displays.
        Note - You can go further back using the calender, any slot over 7 days old cannot be edited.
      • To - Select how far forward you want the books to display:
        • To the end of the books or,
        • days in the future, select between 7 and 42 days.
    • Free slot definition:
      • Include "unbookable" free slots - Tick to include free slots with a slot type that cannot be booked on the current day
      • Include "overrun" free slots - Tick to include overrun slots in the free slot search
      Note - The free slot definition affects the count in Free slot search.
    • Booking Appointments:
      • Show option to merge slots when an appointment overruns free slots - Tick the to display the option to combine slots
      • Prevent concurrent appointments - Tick to prevent appointments being booked for the same patient, at the same time with more than one clinician
  1. Select the back arrow to close the Appointments Preferences screen.
Note - To remove selections, select Reset .
Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.