Weekly View

The Weekly view displays the appointments list for the next week for a selected clinician or clinic.

To access the Weekly view:

  1. From the list available under your profile name, select Weekly.

  1. A list of the available Clinicians displays by default, select the clinician required or select Clinic and select the clinic required:

  1. The Weekly View for the selected clinician/clinic displays.

From the Weekly View you can:

  • Add sessions
  • Refresh locks
  • Refresh setup data - Depends on you using Vision Appointments Setup
  • Select all free slots
  • Collapse all
  • Print appointments
  • Export appointments
  • Save order
  • Run Setup app - Depends on you using Vision Appointments Setup

Select Options and select as required:

Select to return to the previous screen

See Adding a Single Session for details.


Weekly View for Clinicians and Clinics (0:59)

Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.