Booking Multiple Consecutive Appointments

The Reception view supports the booking of multiple consecutive appointments for one patient, for example, a patient may require 30 minutes for a diabetic review.

To book multiple appointments:

  1. From the Reception view, right click on each of the free slots you want to book:

  1. The toolbar at the top of the screen activates:

Note - GP Connect is only available in England.
  1. Select Book multiple and the Booking form displays.
    Note - The Book Multiple button is only activate when you select more than one slot.
  2. In Patient name, enter the patient's surname and or date of birth and select Search .
    Note - For a list of specific searching options select on the booking form or see Searching for a Patient.
  3. Optionally, from the Patient Search Results screen, tick Include inactive patients to include inactive patients in your search.
    Note - This this is a user specific setting that remains until changed.
  4. Select the patient from the results.
  5. Enter any comments required in Appointment Comments.
  6. Select either Book and Print or Book as appropriate.

The appointment displays and the overrun slots are removed from view.


Merge Multiple Slots into a Single Slot (1:11)

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