Making a Special Booking

A Special Booking, is an appointment for someone who is not one of your patients. This could be a patient who has not registered, for example an Immediately Necessary patient or an adhoc Medical, or it can be used for administration appointments, for example, a drug rep.

To make a Special Booking:

  1. From the Reception View select a free slot, you can use Find a Free Slot to do this. The appointment slot locks to other users.
  2. The booking form displays, tick Special Booking:

  1. Complete as required:
    • Special Booking Title - Enter the patient's name/appointment purpose
    • Special booking contact details - Enter contact details as appropriate
    • Appointment comment - Enter details as required
    • Duration - Update if required
    • Change the slot type
  2. Select either Book and Print or Book as appropriate.
  3. A message displays confirming the booking.

In the appointments list a blue star displays to the right of the name to indicate this is a special booking.


Making a Special Booking Appointment (0:38)

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