Copying Appointments

If a patient needs to have another appointment booked, you can copy their existing appointment.

Note - Copying an appointment copies the patient information only and excludes any appointment comments.

To copy an appointment:

  1. From either the Reception, Weekly, or Day Views, right click on the appointment you want to copy to highlight it:

  2. The action toolbar displays:

  3. Select Copy .
Note - In Reception, Weekly Views, you can press <Ctrl> and use drag and drop to copy an appointment.
  1. Locate the appointment required in the usual way, see Selecting a Specific Date or The Free Slot Search for details if required.
  2. Select Clipboard and the Clipboard pane displays:

  1. Drag and drop the copied appointments into the slot required.

The booking confirmation message displays.

Note - The copied appointment remains on the clipboard until you either close Vision Appointments or copy another appointment to the clipboard.


Copying Appointments (1.19)

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