Moving Appointments

Moving an appointment to a different time, day or clinician is simple.

To move an appointment from the Reception View or Current appointments screens:

  1. Right click on the appointment(s) you want to move to highlight them.

  1. The toolbar at the top of the screen displays, select Move .

  2. If you are in the Current appointments view, select the Reception View screen behind it to close.
  3. Select Open Clipboard your moved appointments display on the Moved tab.
  4. Find the appointment slot required and then drag and drop the moved appointments from the Clipboard to the new slot. All the associated comments automatically move to the new date and time.
  5. If appropriate the following messages may display:
    • Slot Advisory Message - Displays if you attempt to move an appointment to a slot with a message, for example, Book on the Day only.
    • Days Prior Warnings - Displays if you move or copy an appointment to a slot with a days prior value set, for example a book on the day slot.


    • Yes to continue, or
    • No to cancel the move.

  1. A booking confirmation message displays.

Note - To move appointments on the same day, from the Reception View, you can simply drag and drop them.
See Copying Appointments for details.

Video Tutorials

Copying Appointments (0.59)

Moving Appointments (0.59)

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