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IM&T DES Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet was issued as part of the IM&T DES, however it could also be used to show your achievment for RECORDS9 (now a retired indicator). It extracts to o:\download\audit. Alternatively, the current Data Quality audits now have a section for Records. You will need to export the results of these lines to Excel to determine the number of repeats that are or are not affected as Clinical Audit will only show you patient numbers, not the number of records per patient.

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    File Date: 03/02/2010

IM&T DES - England

  • Therapy vs Diagnosis (Version 15, 15/11/12)
    We have been informed that there are a number of Practices & CCGs who use the output of the IM&T DES audits to assess the level of therapy items that are linked to a History entry diagnosis within a number of identified drug categories. The original audit suite is very old and slow and if it is still required by practices needs to be rewritten to take into account changes to the structure and functionality of clinical audit, Read Code updates and drug dictionary changes.

In order to support the Year End reporting we have rewritten just the Therapy vs. Diagnosis Audit as some practices report that this is still in use.

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