Navigating Clinical Audit

Clinical Audit provides comprehensive reports which generate automatically:

  • The menu options change depending on which tab is active in the bottom section.
  • Use the Audit Source to set the active view.
    See - Overview of nGMS/QOF Audits.
  • Select an audit line to view the patients in the group, from here you can right click and open the patient's record in Consultation Manager.

  • The blue lines are the audit Category.
  • The dark red lines are the Sub Headings.
  • The green lines show the Clinical Category.
  • Each audit line has a date and version number.
  • Select and drag the splitter lines to resize the tab / graph areas.
  • There are several different tabs which give different aspects of the data.


Clinical Audit generates automatically each night.

  • If the Generate button is red, the statistics are due for generation, or there are new audits.
  • Newly imported audits display in red with an exclamation mark to the left of each line.

  • Press the Continue Generation button, or wait for the audit to automatically run over night.
    Hosted practices need to make a request via Helpline.