GP Analysis Tab

The GP Analysis tab can be used to analyse an audit line using different criteria:

  • Registered GP
  • Usual GP
  • Location - Main and Branch sites, this is based on the Notes Kept at field.
  • Patient Sets - Practice defined.

  • Use the radio buttons as required, for example, Branch.
    The results display as a table and graph, these can both be printed.
  • Select a number in the table to view the patient list.

Patient List Options

Select a patient to view the clinical detail, or right click to access the menu options.

  • No Sort - Removes sort options,
  • Sort by Surname (Default) - A - Z.
  • Sort Patients by Date of Birth – Oldest to youngest.
  • Reverse Sort – This reverses the sort order.
  • Print This Group
  • Save This Group
  • Copy - Copies the list of patients to your clipboard.
  • Open Consultation Manager - Access the selected patient's record.