Incidence Tab

Incidence tab displays the change in the number of patients for the selected line.

The table displays increases, decreases, and net (total) change.

The graph shows increases (black) and decreases (red).

Incidence Menu

When this tab is active, the Incidence menu displays.  From here you can select to display either By Year or By Month.

  • Show Patients – Ticked by default, displays patients beneath the graph.
  • By Year – Display chart by year.
  • By Month – Display chart by month (default).

Show Net

The Graph menu contains the Show Net option, this toggles the display to show either the total (net) change or both the increases and decreases.

View Patients

Select any number in the increase or decrease line to view the patient list in the lower section of the screen.

You may need to drag the splitter bar beneath the graph to see this.

Select a patient to view the clinical detail, or right click to access the menu options.

  • No Sort - Removes sort options.
  • Sort by Surname - (Default) A - Z.
  • Sort Patients by Date of Birth – Oldest to youngest.
  • Reverse Sort – Reverses the sort order.
  • Print This Group
  • Save This Group
  • Copy - Copies the list of patients to your clipboard.
  • Open Consultation Manager - Access the selected patient's record.

Incidence Wizard

Select the Incidence Wizard , to change the style of column charts or line graphs, and display by either year or month.

See - Graph Features.