The Prevalence tab shows the trend of patient numbers for an audit line.

The start date is set by the Base Start Date in Generate - Generation Options.

Prevalence Menu

There are three ways to view Prevalence charts, Count, Proportion, or Percentage.

  • Count – Patient numbers.
  • Proportion – Patients as a proportion of the base population of the clinical category.

  • Percentage – Patients as a percentage of the base population for that clinical category.

Additional buttons on the toolbar also activate, which offer the same functions as the menu options:

Graph Menu

  • Fit to Graph - Resets the view if you have double clicked to zoom in.
  • Fit to Axis - The axes remain fixed when you change the criteria.
  • Toggle Style - Change between line graph and column chart.
  • Properties - Change the colours.
  • Print
  • Print preview
See - Graph features.

Additional Options

  • To view patients – Right click on a month in the graph, and select View Patients.
    The patients display in the lower left section, select a patient name to display their clinical details on the right-hand side.
  • Maximise the display - Drag the splitter bar to change the size of the graph area.
  • Move splitter bar - If the graph or the patient list are hidden, drag the splitter bar under the table to resize. Point to the lines and the cursor changes to a double arrow, select and drag.
  • Zoom in - Double click.