Exceptions Overview

Under the denominator line is a group of exceptions - the ones coloured dark grey are reported.

Both the indicator and denominator take relevant exceptions into account, as these are patients who should not be counted towards the achievement percentages.

However, if a patient fulfils the indicator criteria they will always be counted even if an exception applies.

For example, a patient with CHD, recently registered and has had a BP recorded in the last 12 months, will be counted towards CHD05 even though an exception (registered in last 3 months) is present.

Exceptions apply only if indicator data is not present. One indicator which differs from this rule is Cytology - patients with hysterectomies will always be excepted, even if a vault smear test is recorded.

Practices submit exceptions automatically, the exceptions that are not sent display in light grey and are included to summarise the figures.

See - Exception Reporting.