Generation of Audits

Clinical Audit runs an automatic daily generation of QOF audits which gives you up-to-date data for both reporting and monitoring, as of the evening of the day before.

  • Practices with their own server - By default, the daily generation starts at midnight. You can edit the start times and specify which days of week it runs.
  • Practices using hosted servers - The daily generation runs automatically every night. You can choose which days, however, there is no option to choose the time.

If there are any newly imported audits these will be run as part of the daily generation.

The following lists other the generation of nGMS audits:

  • Generation of monthly mandatory QOF Reports – Vision automatically generates the Regular QOF report on the 1st day of each month.
    See - Sending QOF Reports.
  • National Prevalence - Data for NPD is taken from the QOF Report which submits on 31st March.
  • Monthly Clinical Audit Generate – Audits that do not generate daily run monthly, as close as possible to the 1st day of each month. This generation also includes the daily audits.