Audit Source Views

There are one set of Audits for QOF with different views for the Monitoring or Reporting results, this is defined from the Audit Source toolbar:

Note - When new audits are imported, there is only be one view - "All Audits & nGMS Monitoring". The other views are visible after generation.

Audit Views

All Audits & nGMS Monitoring View

  • This view shows all Clinical Audits and the nGMS Monitoring Audits, and the date of the last generation is the reference date.
  • This view includes the Generate tab.

nGMS Reporting

  • This view shows the only the nGMS audits based on the QOF Reporting date of next 1st April.
    This also includes the non-reporting lines.

Extract Audit

  • You will only see this QOF Results Last Reported view after the end of the month generation has submitted.
  • Select this view to show the data from the most recently generated monthly QOF Report.
  • This view shows ONLY the reported lines.

QOF Results Last Interim

  • You will only see this QOF Results Last Interim view if you have run an interim generation.
  • This view shows data reported in the last generated interim report.
  • Only a single period shows in Prevalence.

View Audit Source Toolbar

On the View menu, tick Audit Source to display the Audit source toolbar; deselecting to hide.