Overview of nGMS/QOF Audits

The nGMS audits consist of QOF reporting lines, followed by non-reporting lines - the negatives and additional exception summaries.

A separate suite of data quality audits complement the QOF Audits to highlight potential patients and help manage expiring exceptions.

Monitoring and Reporting Views

  • Monitoring View - The latest generation date is used for the QOF Reference date.
    To access Monitoring View, select All Audits and nGMS Monitoring view from the Audit Source above the toolbar.
  • Reporting View- The next 1st April is used as the reference date, rolling forward each year.
    To access the Reporting View, select nGMS Reporting view from the Audit Source.
See - Audit Source and Reference date.

Audit Lines Structure

  • Total Practice Population
    The top line within each clinical category is the total practice population.
  • Disease Register
    Each clinical categories includes a disease register line, this displays on a purple/pink background.
    This is also referred to as Virtual Disease Register, as it is created from qualifying criteria. The register is NOT subject to exception reporting.
  • Denominator

    The Denominator displays purple text on a light blue background, and represents the target population for that indicator.
    The denominator is made up of two groups:

    • Patients who are eligible and meet the criteria.
      For example, DM002 - Diabetic patients who have had a blood pressure check <=150/90 in the last 12 months.
    • Patients who are eligible, who have not met the requirement, less any patients with exceptions.
      For example, DM002 - Diabetic patients who have not had a blood pressure check <=150/90 in the last 12 months.
  • Exceptions

    Exceptions display as dark grey lines, these are patients who, should not be counted towards the achievement percentages.
    The light grey summary lines are not included in QOF reporting.

  • Numerator

    The numerator displays in dark green text, and is also referred to as the Indicator. These are the patients that fulfil the criteria.

    The numerator line shows criteria for the achievement that can be made, for example, CHD002 (53-93%, 17 pts) shows that if between 53% and 93% of the patients eligible achieve the indicator, then 17 points are awarded.
  • Negatives

    Negatives lines (in red) find patients from the denominator group who do not fulfil the criteria.
    Negative lines are not reported.

  • Reminders
    Negative lines have Reminders which when activate produce a yellow post-it in Consultation Manager on patient selection to alert the clinician.

The Monthly Report

  • QOF Report is the xml file transmitted to your country's reporting system which contains the mandatory reporting data generated from the nGMS clinical audits.
  • The disease register, denominator and indicator and exception lines of the nGMS Contract audits automatically generate a report on the first day of each month.
    See - Monthly Reports.
  • Data for a National Prevalence Day Report is taken from the QOF Report submitted on 31st March.

Daily Generation

  • The nGMS audits generate daily.

Future Updates to the QOF Audits

  • New nGMS audits import automatically after a SIS upgrade. If this does not happen, you can wait until the last day of the month when they will be imported.
  • Vision will re-author the nGMS audits to conform to the latest Dataset and Business Rules.