Reporting Tab in Clinical Audit

The QOF Reporting tab in Clinical Audit relates to the nGMS audit:

  • Registration – Current Registration Status, along with NPID.
  • Monthly QMAS – this lets you view QOF reports.

Sending QOF Reports

Reports submit automatically to your country specific system (England - GPES, Scotland - QOF Reporter, Wales - CMWeb and Northern Ireland - PCAS):

  • For monthly reporting, the baseline date is defined as the first day of the month.
  • The reference date in monthly reporting is fixed to the end of the current financial year, which is defined as next 1st April.
  • National Prevalence Day report is part of the 31st March submission.

View Results on QOF Reporting tab

Once a monthly or year end (March 201X) report generates, you can check the QOF Report submission.

  1. In Clinical Audit, on the QOF Reporting tab, select View Results under Monthly.
    The XML Viewer shows the figures for the submitted monthly report.
  2. The denominator figures are blue lines and the indicator figures as white or yellow lines.
    The month the report was run, reference and baseline dates also display.

  3. Scroll to the right of the screen to make sure that last month is in the far right column and shows the status of Acknowledged.

    If the status says Submitted, then your reporting system has your report but has not yet acknowledged it.

    If it says Submitted 24 hours later or Rejected, you should contact the Helpline.
  4. Right click to Print.
Note - View Results shows the last submission, which is usually the last month’s figures, or in the case of the catch-up reports, all the months’ figures from April up to the last full month.