Managing Reminders

Active reminders display as notes on a yellow background in Consultation Manager.

Reminders remain active when updated versions of new audits are imported, unless there is a significant change in the clinical nature of the audit line.

Activating Reminders

  1. From the Audit Source drop-down choose the nGMS Reporting view or All Audits & nGMS Monitoring view.
  2. Find the audit line you wish to activate a reminder for.
    This may have an Inactive Reminder alert.
  3. Right click on the audit line and select either
    • Active Reminder - For in inactive reminder
      This places a tick beside Active Reminder and the Reminder alert displays.
    • Reminder - To create a new reminder
      Add in the text, and select OK.
    The Reminder alert displays.
  4. After audit generation, the reminder displays in Consultation Manager for relevant patients.

Editing Reminder Text

  1. Right click on the audit line containing the reminder you want to edit.
  2. Select Reminder from the list.
  3. Update the text in the Edit reminder window.
  4. Select OK.

Remove a Reminder

Rather than removing a reminder, you inactivate it.

Edit the reminder (see above), and remove the tick from the Active box.