Consultation Manager

Note - Reminders can also be added on an individual basis in Consultation Manager and Appointments, or via Patient Groups.

Yellow pop-up reminders display in Consultation Manager at the top right of a patient's record.

Right click on a yellow reminder for the following options:

  • Why - Find the trigger for the reminder.
    This is for Clinical Audit reminders only.
  • Cancel - This puts a line through the reminder, double clicking on the reminder line has the same effect.
    All reminders can be cancelled on an individual patient basis. Cancelled audit reminders remain until either the patient is removed from the group, the reminder is reinstated or reminders regenerated.
  • Delete - You can only delete reminders from Patient Groups or individual reminders.
  • Edit - You can only edit reminders from Patient Groups or individual reminders.
    Edit the text in the dialogue box. If a Patient Group or Appointments generated reminder is edited in this way, it becomes unlinked from the original reminder.
  • Add - Create a reminder for the current patient.
  • Close - Hides the yellow reminder box. Select View - Reminders to redisplay.