Advanced Generation

Please speak to the Helpline if you want further advice on this feature.

  1. Select Advanced Generation from the Generate menu.
    You only need to use this option if you want to purge all statistics.

  2. Tick the Start Generation From options:
    • Searches (checked by default)
    • Counts
    • Percentages
    • Reminders
    These stages follow automatically. You can start the generation from any of these.
  3. QOF audits can be run incrementally, only looking for new records since the last run. However, if Force Full is ticked (default), the sub-searches will start from new. This is mainly used by the Helpline for support purposes.
    Note - If you deselect Force Full, it applies only to that generation.
  4. If you want to generate reminders, tick the Generate Reminders box.
  5. Export after Generation - If checked, any audits flagged for Export are exported either via email or to file.
    This is not related to QOF.
  6. WARNING - Only check Purge Existing Statistics if there are already some statistics on Clinical Audit which you want to clear completely. For instance, if you have changed the Base Start Date on Generation Options, this only applies to newly imported searches, unless you Purge Existing Statistics, in which case it will apply to all audits.
  7. Finally, click on Generate or Request Generation for Hosted sites.